Welcome! In the spirit of blogging, this website provides a number of essays which describe my views of life. As a Naturalist (defined in the Introduction). I felt Naturalists were under-represented on the web, and wanted to help restore some balance. Hopefully these essays, if not influential, will at least be interesting and thought provoking.

I would note that this website is not meant to be a debate website -- it is simply my views. Note also that this website focuses primarily on what I believe, not why I believe it. As soon as one starts describing the why's behind their beliefs, people of different beliefs will almost invariably start arguing why your beliefs are wrong and why their beliefs are correct. Stating just what I believe tends to be much less inflammatory to other people (although many will still immediately ask "Why do you believe that?", in the hopes of starting a debate to assert their beliefs and refute my beliefs).

All feedback on my essays would be appreciated -- please send to: feedback@essaysonlife.com

I will thoughtfully and respectfully consider all feedback but I can't guarantee, of course, that I'll be able to respond to or incorporate your feedback. I reserve the right to incorporate any feedback that I receive but will always do so anonymously.Any feedback that I am able to incorporate will be displayed in italics preceded by "Feedback:"

The set of essays will continue to expand over time -- the current essays form the foundation for the addition of future essays.

ESSAYS -- it is recommended that the essays be read in the order listed below:


Supernatural Beings

Teaching Supernaturlism and Naturalism

Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

Supernaturalism and Divisiveness

Moral Values and Behavior


Micro and Macro Supernaturalism

Hijacking of the Supernatural

The Origin of Love

Emotional Experiences -- The Key to Personal Change

Maintaining Good Health

The EssaysOnLife Diet



Gay Marriage

Essays on Life

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The Proposed "Flag Desecration" Amendment